Coconut Cream of Butternut Squash Soup

I loved this recipe! After years of thinking if something homemade was healthy I am happy to be cooking plant-based these days. With the flavorful curry and coconut, it is way more creative and has more depth than any traditional "cream of.." soup I have made. I have changed the original recipe, but just based... Continue Reading →

Cream of Kale Soup

Brr. Cold days call for warm soup. I grew up in the tropics, so I don't really have much nostalgia around the winter season. However, making this recipe did bring back memories: it reminded me of cooking canned cream of broccoli soup in college! Unlike canned soup, this recipe has just 7 ingredients(that are real... Continue Reading →

Chili Sin Carne

I love this time of year and making warm soups! I haven't had much experience making completely vegan soups, however, because I have always made a lot of "cream of..." style soups. So far this fall, I have made Chili, Panang Curry with Tofu and Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash soup*.     This Chili is... Continue Reading →

80 Healthiest Foods

In the Spring, I bought a special issue of Time magazine entitled the 100 Healthiest Foods. There is more meat than I would consider "healthy," including chicken, pork, turkey, halibut, scallops, cod, oysters, "grass-fed" hamburger and steak; salmon and tuna are on the list, but I would consider letting those slide. Other non-plant or processed... Continue Reading →

Untitled Buddha Bowl #1

This summer, we took a family trip to North Carolina. Asheville has so many delicious vegetarian options, and totally veg-restaurants and we ate at them all, here are our top 3: Laughing Seed Cafe, Asheville, NC Rosetta's Kitchen, Asheville, NC Guadalupe Cafe, Sylva, NC Asheville is amazing and we saw cool bands and drank great... Continue Reading →

Summer Resolution. And on to Fall.

Top Five best things about fall, in no particular order Apples Sweet Potatoes Autumn Leaves Halloween Layering Clothes: Sweaters, Scarves, Hats, Over-the-Knee Socks, and Boots This summer has been an exciting mix of family travel and developmental growth for Biddi, complemented and punctuated by produce and new recipes. The wild finale of hurricane season made... Continue Reading →

Hot Yoga Re-Up

I went back to my yoga practice after a few weeks away today. My intention for practice was to get stuff done, so getting more sewing during Biddi's naps and complete the backlog of garments (and the corresponding blog posts). I recently took the toddler on a cross-country road trip; sitting in a car for... Continue Reading →

Farmers’ Market Haul

We have been over scheduled and having tons of fun, but Biddi may be done with naps. At just 24 months, it seems early from everything that I have read on the subject. This seems very unfair, but she won't sleep anymore during the day. It is probably karma because I only slept 6 hours... Continue Reading →

Hot Yoga on an Empty Stomach

I have been reading about the health benefits of exercising on an empty stomach and decided to try it out. The new scientific consensus seems to be that one burns fewer calories on an empty stomach, but those calories are higher percentage of fat. While eating a balanced breakfast before working out results in a... Continue Reading →

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