Hot Yoga Re-Up

I went back to my yoga practice after a few weeks away today. My intention for practice was to get stuff done, so getting more sewing during Biddi's naps and complete the backlog of garments (and the corresponding blog posts). I recently took the toddler on a cross-country road trip; sitting in a car for... Continue Reading →

Farmers’ Market Haul

We have been over scheduled and having tons of fun, but Biddi may be done with naps. At just 24 months, it seems early from everything that I have read on the subject. This seems very unfair, but she won't sleep anymore during the day. It is probably karma because I only slept 6 hours... Continue Reading →

Hot Yoga on an Empty Stomach

I have been reading about the health benefits of exercising on an empty stomach and decided to try it out. The new scientific consensus seems to be that one burns fewer calories on an empty stomach, but those calories are higher percentage of fat. While eating a balanced breakfast before working out results in a... Continue Reading →

Intention of the Week: Balance

My intention from yoga today is to find more balance. I have been in a mad dash to get my Etsy shop set up: creating master patterns, making one of each look, creating construction notes, timing every second to help set prices. I have been rushing but refocusing my intention on balance, I realize there... Continue Reading →

Farmers’ Market Soup

I went nuts at the farmers' market this week. I bought asparagus from 3 different vendors. And strawberries from everyone who had them! I bought a few pounds of mushrooms, a few early tomatoes, spring onions, a ton of spinach and arugula--I adore arugula and I can't wait to eat that next! We have been... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Dress

So I have completed a master pattern for the "Brigitte Dress," a toddler dress with Butterfly appliqué. I used a Banana Republic dress shirt from last summer, it is the coolest fabric. It is almost like a chambray with Swiss dots. The shirt had darts in the back, which becomes the front of the dress so I... Continue Reading →

Grey Medallion Dress

In an effort to take more risks, my intention for the week, I made a quick drop-waist dress for myself. Ok so that was my intention for last week, but today is a Memorial Day, so no babysitter and no yoga for me. My intention will have to carry over. I wanted the look to be... Continue Reading →

Launching the Catapult: the ittyBIDDI Shop

My intention for the week, set during yoga yesterday, is to take more risks. I have gotten really comfortable in my routine and am feeling like I have mastered this "mom" thing for the moment. Although the "baby" is mere days away from entering the official Terrible Twos so perhaps I am premature in seeking a new challenge.... Continue Reading →

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