I have been sewing and drafting patterns since studying fashion design in college. After having my daughter “Biddi,” I decided to launch my Etsy shop.

I don’t have much on there now, but I am trying to figure out what people like and what I can provide within reasonable prices.

I like the retail options available for kids clothing for the most part, but most of it is too generic to have real personality. When selecting fabric and trim, I try to keep everything modern and fashionable, and maybe just a little quirky.
I do not own a serger machine so everything is sewn with couture quality techniques–French seams, turned underlining, slipstitching by hand, etc. This makes it more time-consuming, but in my opinion is worth the extra effort.
I am currently focusing on Baby/Toddler sizes because that is the age my daughter is and having an in-house fit model is necessary for these types of garments.

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