That cool girl Jeans Look

So I am not big into denim anymore. I used to be when I worked in a department store, and had an employee discount on all the super-high end brands. I swear the only reason anyone works in retail is because of the discount! These days, I tend to wear mom jeans and Toms shoes instead of tennis shoes and hope it doesn’t look too unfortunate. I went shopping for new jeans and I really couldn’t handle that hem taken down look–awful. That was summer and now I need new jeans.

That cool girl Jeans Look- Seam RippingI figured that as long as that look is in style–and it is! I asked my babysitter!–I should up-cycle my old out of style boot leg Calvin Kleins from a decade ago. I almost made these jeans into jean shorts last summer because they are so out of style! I’m not taking that off the table completely, but I am pretty excited about how they turned out. I used a seam ripper to take down the entire hem and that is it. So much easier than the days of putting back on the original hem when I worked in alterations!

That Cool Girl Jeans Look- After Upcycle detailI didn’t go for the full my jeans got caught in the bike chain look. But now that I think about it, that is cost-saving or laziness on the part of the manufacturer because they won’t distress a hem and then remove it for this sweet look.

I was actually inspired to do this because I had to do the same to Biddi’s jeans. Now that she is out of diapers she can still wear her jeans from last summer, but they are flood-length. I tried to find cute kids jeans but no luck. So I took her hem down. Is it too much if we wear them matching. Like my mom, sister and I used to wear entire outfits that matched and that was cool, right?


And the reason I am up-cycling old jeans instead of buying new ones–I am officially enrolled in a 200-hour Yoga teacher training program. I am trying to spend less not because the training is so expensive, but I am trying to be more mindful of how I spend money in an effort to be happier and authentic.

I found a program that is right for my schedule and family and the level of yoga I am practicing. I feel the same excitement that I felt before starting my MBA program. Although I didn’t use that education to find a job that required an MBA, it was a very valuable experience that I wouldn’t trade back for the money it cost. That post-graduate education taught me that I love learning, whether that be economic theory or teamwork. I also love being evaluated, but unfortunately this yoga training won’t be assigning any honors.

I am looking forward to learning more about Yoga and how to teach it. Eastern thought is really a paradigm shift, and I am really looking forward to learning some new philosophy along with teaching skills. I always resonated with Nietzche’s quote, “The awakened and knowing say: body I am entirely, and nothing else; and soul is only a word for something about the body.” Diametrically opposed is this idea that we are consciousness alone and the body is an illusion, a theme from Yoga Beyond Belief by Ganga White, which I read for the training. That dichotomy is something to meditate on…and the teacher training requires daily meditation, so I guess I should start a list of things to meditate on. It is so uncomfortable to sit and not be distracted; I meditated after yoga class today and I made it a little over 5 minutes. That may be the longest I have ever been able to sit still without grabbing a book or tv remote!

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