Buddha Bowl Cubano

Romanesco BroccoliIt has been so long since I have posted! Another backlog of delicious vegan food captured in mediocre photos. We haven’t been to the farmer’s market in a while–it heads indoors and is only 2 times a month now. But on our last trip, I got some romanesco broccoli. I love the fractal nature of the veggie–it is so much more perfect than broccoli or cauliflower. It is like nature just hit the copy button and kept cloning!

Fractal Fun with RamanescoYes, there is a Fibonacci sequence in there, if you look hard enough! I think Romanesco must be the mother to both cauliflower and broccoli; their comparatively irregular looks have to be a result of man stepping in and having a hand breeding. Although I couldn’t find any research to support my hypothesis, fractals and cloning are such an efficient means to replicate and there are so many examples in nature…

I just toss the cut veg in olive oil and roast on convection roast for 30-45 minutes at about 375.

I have been skipping yoga. Not because I want to, but life has gotten in the way. It has become a funny routine in my house: I pull out the yoga mat, Biddi demands one of her own. I start doing yoga, Biddi copies me. I start to attempt something cool like wheel or a headstand, Biddi charges me and knocks me over like I am her alphabet stacking blocks!

I have tried to keep up my practice at home, but without the rigors of a formal class I am pretty much just stretching and meditating. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I know I am losing strength, confirmed by losing 5 pounds in the past two weeks. I am all for losing some weight, but the timing is suspect and it indicates losing muscle, in my opinion.

I had a mole on my shin biopsied and then removed. I kept doing hot yoga and Ashtanga yoga several times a week while I had stitches in, with my doctor’s permission. Once they were removed I decided to chill on the yoga until a decent scar forms so that I don’t keep irritating the area while it is healing.

I have also justified skipping yoga because of my daughter’s potty issues. “Biddi” is 2 1/2 and potty trained now–she is amazing. But only truly potty trained at home; she will not tell the babysitters at the health club she has to poop while they are watching her during my yoga classes. She ends up with a diaper rash by the time they notice her poop! We are working on communicating before she exits her bladder/bowels rather than after.

I have been cooking great meals though! I tried to seamlessly knit together getting stitches, potty training, and a plant-based recipe. I think I nailed it.

img_4675.jpgBuddha Bowl Cubano

  • Combine Buddha Bowl ingredients: rice, raw spinach or lettuce, cilantro, green onions, 1 cooked plantains per bowl, beans, cooked frozen corn and blanched broccoli, and top with the obligatory avocado rosette.
  • I made a cuban-inspired dressing to match the flavors from the platanos verdes and black beans: Combine 1 teaspoon dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, juice of 1 lime, pinch of salt and pepper. Whisk in 4 Tablespoons of olive oil. Taste and adjust acidity to your preference.

The hardest part of this recipe is waiting 2 weeks until the plantains are ripe! I always place them in a brown paper bag to help build gases for ripening. Once they are black, peel and slice into 1″ long segments. I poke each cut side with a fork 2-3 times to help in frying. img_4669.jpg

They just fry for a few minute son each side, until they are brown-black and caramelized. Pull them from the frying pan and set on paper towel to let excess oil drain off. Sprinkle with salt while they are sitting on the paper towel and still hot. This is about the only thing I use non-olive oil for in the kitchen. I like corn oil because it is cheaper and decently heart-healthy, considering this is essentially a deep-fry.

The plantains add a sweet flavor that is so nice mixed in with the savory cilantro and broccoli and beans. Another option for a hint of sweetness is roasted delicata squash: Cut and toss with 1 Tbs Olive Oil and 1 Tbs Maple Syrup. Cook on convection roast at 375-400 degrees for 30 minutes, turning once. We eat the skin and everything, so I always buy organic. When I put delicata squash in a Buddha Bowl, I like to use a mustard-red wine vinaigrette dressing(honey optional).


My daughter loves this stuff! She will eat an entire 1-pound squash all by herself! She knows how to use a fork, I swear! She just gets overly excited with some of her favorite foods!

Biddi enjoying Delicata Squash

Also the entire family got out of our comfort zone and tried a Vietnamese restaurant in our Vietnam Town a few weeks ago! I think I will be trying some Pho recipes soon, because we ordered 4 different dishes and every single one was a hit! I love bok choy and carrots and sprouts, so I am not surprised it was so delicious. I really was surprised by the anise flavor in the dishes. I am looking forward to cooking some myself! Biddi eating Pho

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