Summer Resolution. And on to Fall.

Top Five best things about fall, in no particular order

  1. Apples

  2. Sweet Potatoes
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Halloween
  5. Layering Clothes: Sweaters, Scarves, Hats, Over-the-Knee Socks, and Boots

This summer has been an exciting mix of family travel and developmental growth for Biddi, complemented and punctuated by produce and new recipes.

The wild finale of hurricane season made for some unseasonably warm weather up North and even some record-breaking heat; Indian Summer provides closure and I am really looking forward to some cooler evenings soon.

I have a massive backlog of summer recipes and pictures but I was having so much fun that I never pulled myself together long enough to post them! Better late than never, and if I actually try to type out recipes, these pictures will sit, gathering virtual cobwebs in the cloud. They are pretty self-explanatory even without recipes.

The weather can’t decide if it is summer or fall, but since school is back in session, summer must be over.  Another clue: we have been eating fresh apples again. After mealy old ones during the spring and summer months, I always look forward to nice crisp ones that haven’t been in storage for months.

Eclipse ShadowsMy latest obsession is making Buddha Bowls with avocado rosettes plopped right on top, inspired by all the amazing vegetarian food the family enjoyed in Asheville and Sylva, NC when we visited for the Eclipse in August. I am still perfecting the rosette technique, but now that I have cleared my phone of old food pictures, I can start taking new ones again!

Frozen Blueberries in Record-Breaking Heat, Common Ground Fair, MEWe also just returned from Maine and found a couple of vegetarian spots that offered a respite from the lobster rolls. And visiting farmers’ markets in new cities is always fun, especially the enormous one at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. The frozen wild blueberries were amazing, since we missed the end of berry season by about a month and it was almost 90 degrees. That may become an annual stop for our family, it was really fun. I wanted to find something wool as a souvenir but I couldn’t even look at the blankets and sweaters without breaking into a sweat–the poor sheep!

And “the baby” is now calling herself a Big Girl, it’s bittersweet but she really is growing up! We are potty training now after reading a few books and blogs we are making progress…except she is trying to not have bowel movements. She runs and grabs diapers when she needs to do #2. And runs around yelling “rainbows,” when she really has to go–referring to her rainbow underpants–which may be the funniest thing anyone could say to signal a poo is coming. In the Trolls movie, they fart glitter and poop cupcakes so it is almost like she is a little troll, and that very well may be her Halloween costume this year if I can get her hair to stand up straight like the dolls’ hair.

We made homemade Play Dough one day and it is amazingly soft and easy for her to manipulate. We added a few drops of essential oils so the dough is scented, which is a nice bonus sensory experience. She made up a way to decorate the hearts with polka dots, then said, “mommy and baby.” How cute? Too cute.

Biddi’s main interest these days is art projects. She made some sponge painted fish this summer in her summer camp, which are now framed in her room. She even found burnt charcoal on the shore in Maine and drew all over a boulder! Coloring with markers is her new go-to activity and now she is getting in to painting. There is no going back now! Paper Bag PuppetsShe had leftover non-toxic paint from the wooden car and train we bought and decorated about a year ago. The black paint is finally off my floor, so I figured we were good to go make another mess today. We made puppets from paper bags! I even managed to let her paint them herself (for the most part) instead of hovering over her and telling her what color to put where. She was really focused and stayed in the lines I sketched remarkably well!

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