Hot Yoga Re-Up

I went back to my yoga practice after a few weeks away today. My intention for practice was to get stuff done, so getting more sewing during Biddi’s naps and complete the backlog of garments (and the corresponding blog posts).

I recently took the toddler on a cross-country road trip; sitting in a car for so 10 hours at a time has wreaked havoc on my entire musculoskeletal system. We are happily back at home and getting back in to the routine of things. I am all caught up on laundry, the pantry is stocked with produce, and the sunburn on the driver’s side of my face has receded. And so I celebrated with long-overdue yoga–I think it must have been over a month since the last time I attended hot yoga. Today, I moved away from my former favorite spot directly underneath the heater so that I could spare myself the embarrassment of passing out, but surprisingly the heat was fine and I retained most of my arm strength. However I did skip almost every “optional” chaturanga and so I proceeded directly to downward dog without passing go or collecting $200. Hopefully next week I can be under the heater and resume floating to plank with a little less effort than it took today. I would love to get back to a tripod headstand again, too. Scorpion is still on the horizon, or bucket list perhaps.

This past weekend we took some family bike excursions and it felt really nice to get moving. I didn’t have any muscle fatigue, which was great but my spine started to feel totally out-of-whack. I think a two-fold attack will remedy the situation: reducing inflammation with more plant-based foods and building some strength back after my lazy summer with more yoga.

We visited 2 different farmers’ markets and had a blast. I made Gumbo and Ratatouille and have great leftovers!

Vegan Gumbo.jpgThe only modification I made for the Vegetarian Times’ Gumbo recipe was to use Cubanelle pepper in the gumbo and omit the cayenne because Baby B has become very averse to anything remotely spicy and specifically black pepper.

Ratatouille.jpgFor Martha’s Ratatouille, I roasted 15 cored, seeded, diced tomatoes for about 45 minutes on 375 degrees instead of canned tomatoes, using the same roasting method as my marinara recipe. I also fire roasted a red pepper and an Anaheim pepper instead of the raw bell peppers in the original recipe. I like the flavor and texture of roasted red peppers better than raw green peppers added to a recipe. I started using this method because pepper skins gave me terrible indigestion when I was pregnant. Pepper skins no longer upsets my system but the memory has made me completely averse to them so I roast by default. I think I may make it again this wee–while eggplant, zucchini, peppers and onions are still in their peak–with the Jaques Pepin Recipe that I first loved with the skins on and a splash of red wine instead of water…or the red wine vinegar that Martha suggests.

It seems odd to eat so much soup at this hot, humid time of the year, I suppose, but so does doing hot yoga inside a heated room, inside of an air-conditioned building when the temperature outside is exactly the right temperature…

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