Intention of the Week: Balance

My intention from yoga today is to find more balance.

I have been in a mad dash to get my Etsy shop set up: creating master patterns, making one of each look, creating construction notes, timing every second to help set prices. I have been rushing but refocusing my intention on balance, I realize there is no deadline except the one I have set for myself. In the long run, I am on track and a frenzy might put me a day or two ahead but the net result could be giving up in exhaustion or frustration in a week.

Balance in Yoga

As if she read my mind, my yoga instructor had us work on Crow pose today. And I could only hold my balance for 2 seconds. Yoga fail. After class  ended, I tried my tripod handstand from a few weeks ago and I couldn’t do that either. double ouch. I just accepted the situation and acknowledged the causes–I skipped Yoga last week because of Memorial Day, we hadn’t done much core work to prepare for a handstand, and I haven’t been practicing inversions on my own time to improve.

Balance in Health

Thinking back to the past few weeks, as I focused more on sewing, I lost my focus on my health. I alternated eating super healthy with making not-great choices: we had pizza 2 times last week, and fish tacos another day for dinner, and a late brunch that was comprised mostly of cheese plates. That was probably more cheese than I have had in 3 months–and my guts are getting me back with a lockdown situation. I do not really know why we were eating so many lazy restaurant meals. We have had tons of fresh produce and it isn’t too much work to cook a simple meal; I think I was overthinking it all. Like if I’m not making a 3-course vegan feast, then I may as well eat candy for dinner. I am seeking to take pressure off myself and just find some more balance in the kitchen.

Balance in “Business”

Holiday Dress FittingI look back to pictures of Biddi when she was 4 months old and basically a ball of chub, shoved in a dress for a fitting during her 30 minutes of alert time! Or when I tried to draft a romper for her from scratch, with no idea how snaps worked in the diaper area or exactly how much ease is needed for diapers, especially a full diaper. At that point, I took a step back and sought more balance as well. I shelved the entire enterprise for another day, when Biddi had more freedom and I had more free time. As I reassess we are there now. And having this shop is hopefully something she finds inspiring and cool when she is older and it is more established.

Still, sometimes, I put B in a dress to see how it looks and she will have a meltdown, like especially if I do it right after she wakes up from a nap. It is nice she can communicate so well, even if it makes me feel bad for acting like she is a doll. so finding a smidge more balance and respecting Biddi’s boundaries is definitely. I have been playing dress designer since I could hold a drawing pencil. I feel like I have been working my whole life towards creating this shop. I love what I am making and I am optimistic other people will respond well too. Whenever Biddi wears my dresses, about every other person on the street stops me to say how cute it is.

I need this to be a business that actually fits in to my life and sets a positive example for B. Fingers crossed.

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