Launching the Catapult: the ittyBIDDI Shop

My intention for the week, set during yoga yesterday, is to take more risks. I have gotten really comfortable in my routine and am feeling like I have mastered this “mom” thing for the moment. Although the “baby” is mere days away from entering the official Terrible Twos so perhaps I am premature in seeking a new challenge. I bought fresh fava beans and green garlic today, which are both pretty intimidating, so I think I am on the right trajectory.

In terms of trying new things outside the kitchen, I have decided to get my Etsy shop up and running. I have a backlog of inventory (toddler dresses) and corresponding blog posts that I need to get online so I can figure out my customer and get “feedback,” a less intimidating way to talk about what my time and design aesthetic is worth on the marketplace…could be $0.00.

It is so scary to put myself out there, but writing this blog has been a great way to try and expand my boundaries and take a risk. So I am really looking to catapult myself to the next level. And that is a really apt metaphor- quick, efficient, fast, and once that cord is cut there is no going back!

I am trying to bring all the familiarities of my normal day to the new scary venture. I have made a to-do list and a skeleton of a business plan to hold myself accountable, anything to make me feel in control when I am really so overwhelmed.  I am trying to set up the checks and balances so that I keep on track, and I know in theory what steps to take, but it’s been so long since I had an independent project!

As a tutor specializing in executive functioning, I typically help students to manage their workload by doing these exact things: setting mini-goals, chunking assignments into smaller deliverables, avoiding procrastination. And that is the real problem; I set up my Etsy shop in November but haven’t done anything with it!

This blog has even become a comfortable way to evade sewing and costing garments, and especially actually putting them up for sale. There is so much to do and learn so I know I will make mistakes and that is scary. I know the long-term earning potential of the Etsy shop is pretty limited by what I can do manually and what I value my time to be worth. The next step would be bringing a sewing production facility into the equation; that is almost too overwhelming to think about. That goes takes my venture from medieval catapult to jet-powered rocket–way more dangerous and in a whole different league. And putting the cart before the horse is another great way to procrastinate.

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